Another Flash Fiction Win at Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads!

ThursThreads WinnerSiobhan had other responsibilities to attend to last week, so the contest was postponed. This week I received first prize from the gracious Cat Johnson, who gave her time to act as judge. I thank her and all the amazing participants. Way to go to the Honorable Mentions as well.

Here is my entry:

Years of tobacco smoke and stale liquor assaulted my senses as I heaved open the wooden door of the old saloon and entered. Modern times did away with the batwing doors from the Westerns I’d watch as a kid. A shame, really. It was much harder to imagine a crook in his ten gallon hat, jangling spurs, and twin pistols pulling open a cumbersome door like this before escaping on his horse. The lawmen would’ve always won the day. And where would be the fun in that?

As a “law man” myself, I’d rather have a challenge. But that’s me. And those were the movies. This saloon was real – real enough to be a historical landmark in the small town of Branch where I worked.
Complete with honest-to-goodness cowboys, too.

At the end of the brass-edged bar stood one I’d never seen before – with a mop of disheveled, midnight black hair, trim hips, and an ass that filled out his faded Levi’s enough to make my heart pound.
“Who’s the new guy?” I asked Paul, who played bouncer on nights like these.

Paul’s eyes followed my gaze to the sculpted back of said man, who chose that moment to turn and catch me mid-stare. I smiled at his chiseled features and he slowly turned back, seemingly unimpressed.

“Name’s Russ from what I hear,” Paul said. “And he runs alone.”

“We’ll see about that.” I removed my hat, polished my badge, and made my way over with a grin.


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