“Are you sure you want to do this?” Flash Fiction for Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads


Since #ThursThreads is on hiatus this week due to Siobhan participating in Authors After Dark, I will post last week’s flash fiction story. I’m now caught up!! Hopefully, I will be able to continue to post my submissions one or two days after the Thursday of the contest.



“Are you sure you want to do this?” Marcus asked, waiting until I nodded to snap the handcuff around my left wrist. He fastened it to the headboard of the bed and moved over to the other side, his chest hair tickling my cheek. “One of the perks of being a cop.” He grinned down at me with those deep blue eyes.

I chuckled nervously as he finished with the right side, very aware that I was completely at his mercy. He’d already secured my ankles with thick leather straps and now I could barely move.

“You’re so sexy, Aiden,” he purred, stroking my lower lip as he straddled my naked body. I hoped I wasn’t trembling, but his furrowed brow told me otherwise. “Sweetheart,” he breathed, trailing his fingers down my chest. He circled my nipple and I arched into him. “You do know I only want to give you pleasure.”

“I know,” I whispered, touched by the softness in his voice. “It’s just new, and a little overwhelming. But I trust you.”

Marcus smiled and brushed his knuckles over my other nipple. My breath hitched at the sensation, definitely heightened by being this helpless, this vulnerable.

“Promise me you’ll say our safeword if ever you feel uncomfortable. And we’ll stop.”

“I promise, Officer,” I replied, anticipation taking a hold of my nerves. I winked.

A wicked smile spread over his handsome face and I knew I was in for one wild night.


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