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280px-FullMoon2010I’ve been tagged by Kenzie Mack to join a group of fabulously talented writers in the Meet the Character Blog Hop.

Kenzie Mack transplanted from the mid-west to California with her husband and four children.  She mistook the drought for part of the sunny Cali climate package.  Snow and almost daily rain are not missed.

A lifelong lover of reading and writing, Kenzie chose the indie path into publishing.  The road wasn’t easy.  There are many aspects needed for the production of a book.  The learning pains were many, but the end product warms her heart every time she sees the cover.

Kenzie Mack is the author of Moon Shadows: A Reader’s Choice Tale (March 2014)B&N

Fresh from a break-up, John’s routine jog becomes a run in with fear when he is surrounded by a pack of larger than life wolves. There’s no time to wonder how these creatures arrived in non-wolf country, CA.  They want a snack and he’s clean out of Scooby treats.

When the alpha arrives, John is given a choice.  Surrender to his previously hidden animal instincts or leave and never look back.  Something in the fierce creature’s eyes holds him enthralled and his decision is made.  By night’s end, his life is changed—forever.

This book is an adult tale which offers a reader’s choice for you to pick the pack’s alpha.  Make it a She-Wolf or a He-Wolf.  Or read both.

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Now to introduce you to Mitch Sterling, the main character of An Angel in Eyeliner (Beaten Track Publishing – part of Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology due out November 2014).

BoE_533x700Who is Mitch?

Mitch Sterling is a lonely former combat medic who owns a small bar. Christmas is his favorite time of year and he goes all out when decorating, desperately trying to immerse himself in the holiday spirit and forget about his grief.

Where does An Angel in Eyeliner take place?

The story takes place in Mitch’s bar and attached apartment in downtown Chicago on Christmas Eve.

What won’t Mitch talk about?

Brian, his lover, who was killed on duty in Iraq two years ago. But once Mitch meets Keller Graham, he has a hard time keeping his mouth shut about anything.

Mitch’s Goal?

To have a quiet Christmas free of sadness and full of holiday magic.

The problem?

A tall, skinny-jean wearing, raven-haired man with a pierced tongue and black eyeliner, who Mitch saves from a group of thugs in the alley behind his bar. Keller Graham’s icy blue eyes have a way of drawing Mitch out and making him laugh. The man is fearless and it stirs up feelings Mitch hasn’t had since Brian.

I look forward to sharing Mitch and Keller’s story.


Meet Next Week’s Authors

Debbie McGowan
debbiemcgowan Debbie McGowan is an author and publisher based in a semi-rural corner of Lancashire, England. She writes character-driven fiction, covering life, love, relationships – the whole shazam. A working class girl, she ‘ran away’ to London at seventeen, was homeless, unemployed and then homeless again, interspersed with animal rights activism (all legal, honest ;)) and volunteer work as a mental health advocate. At twenty-five, she went back to college to study social science – tough with two toddlers, but they had a ‘stay at home’ dad, so it worked itself out. These days, the toddlers are young women (much to their chagrin), and Debbie teaches undergraduate students, writes novels and runs an independent publishing company, occasionally grabbing an hour of sleep where she can!

midnight_clear_boe_533x800Debbie’s addition to Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology (November 2014) is A Midnight Clear.

It’s a cold, desperate December when a young girl flees home, in search of food, shelter and the real Santa Claus. Stranded in George and Josh’s hometown, she discovers that the spirit of Christmas can be found in the most unexpected of places. Includes the story of The Little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Andersen.

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K.C. Faelan

Many moons ago, with the encouragement of a writer friend, K.C. Faelan wrote her first fanfic story. After a few years, her muse went into hiding, and then suddenly re-emerged, urging KC to participate and write a story for one of the prompts in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s 2014 Love’s Landscapes DRitC event. The story she wrote was “If At First You Don’t Succeed,” a romantic comedy about established couple, Evan and Julien and their unsuccessful attempts at kinky sex.

KC prefers to write contemporary male romance, but enjoys reading about them in almost every setting from paranormal, to sci-fi to historical backdrops. She loves men, from the Alphas to the omegas, and all the pretty boys in between. Intelligence and humor whet her appetite. Toss in a course of UST, a dash of angst, season with fluffiness, and she dives right in. Oh, and don’t forget the extra-large side-helping of sex. For dessert, it’s HEA all the way. She loves dark chocolate truffles and candies, and food often plays a part in her stories, and in the ones she enjoys reading.

KC lives in Northern California with her husband and two rescue birds. Their female bird hates women and wishes KC would go play in the middle of traffic or take a long walk off a short pier.

star lights 300dpi_grn_final

KC’s addition to Boughs of Evergreen: A Holiday Anthology (November 2014) is A Little Christmas Magic.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and Ryan Forsyth is helping his friends decorate for Christmas. Little does he know that the weekend will usher in a profound change to his life, a chance for happiness if he isn’t too scared to reach out and grasp it.

Boone Ainsworth has been friends with Ryan since junior high, ever since their mutual friend Greg Hayes introduced them. Since the day they met, no one has stood a chance at claiming Boone’s heart except Ryan, but Ryan is so far in the closet he hasn’t got a clue.

Their happily ever after is just a step away, until a panicked decision changes everything. From that point on, things don’t go smoothly and Ryan and Boone make mistakes that neither may be able to forgive. But it’s the holidays, and Ryan is banking on a little Christmas magic to help smooth the way.

You can find KC on any of the following social media sites:


Please be sure to check out these two amazing author’s next week on their blogs!

Fabulous Five Blog Hop


I’ve been invited to answer these five fabulous questions from the lovely Emma Jane over at Em’s Blog.

Emma is the author of M/M romance novels Otherworld (due for release from Torquere Press November 5th) and Shuttered (due for release from Dreamspinner in December). Also, her short story, The Queen’s Guard, is featured in the Men In Uniform anthology in which I made my publishing debut!  Stop by her page to say hello and see what she has is store.

And on to the questions:

What am I working on?

What am I NOT working on is a better question. But I’ll keep this simple. I’m in edits for a short M/M romance starring a pessimistic Army vet with PTSD and a physical therapist set on helping him heal more than his wounded leg. I’m also working on my first M/M novel of a three book series set in Charleston, SC. I’m loving the research for it!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Details. I’m obsessed with little details that add to the complexity and richness of writing. For me it’s the details that make you feel like you’re part of the story – whether it be bits of dialogue, humor, descriptions of setting, or a character quirk. I strive to add those layers of detail in everything I write.

Why do I write what I do?

I love love. I love men. Why not write about how they come together? It’s a beautiful, complicated dance. Yet, always worth it in the end!

How does my writing process work?

Characters usually come to me first. I want my characters down pat. I need to KNOW them like a good friend before I begin writing. Then I make them jump through hoops for a while before I allow them their happy endings.

And I’m definitely a plotter. I can plot for days, weeks…though I have no problem changing it up once I begin writing if something better pops up.

Who’s next on the blog hop?

Next up we have~

Kasey Lane,author of contemporary erotic and new adult romance. Look for her in an up coming anthology with Hot Ink Press.

V.S. Morgan, author of interracial/multicultural M/M romance. Her debut story, The Gift, was published by Decadent Publishing, and she recently contracted with Decadent for a paranormal IR romance, Hunter’s Mark, to be released later this year.

C.M. Walker, author of M/M romance. Her first novella, Pledge Number Seven, as well as, (just out today!) Gravitational Force, for Goodreads Love’s Landscapes event, are both available for FREE. Check them out!

Louisa Bacio, author of erotic romance. Her newest releases include The Big One and A Date with Death, both from Decadent Publishing. Check her out!

All of these ladies are amazing writers! TAG!