Flash Fiction Thursday

VentiCoffeeYou know what day it is? Friday! And that means yesterday was Siobhan Muir’s weekly flash fiction contest #ThursThreads.

Here is my entry:

“Venti coffee. Dark. No room, please.” His deep voice raced through my entire body, leaving tracks of gooseflesh in its wake. I imagined that same voice whispering a desperate and breathy “please…” in my ear as he bent me over the counter in carnal lust.

I shook off the fantasy. Damn, I needed to get laid. How long had it been? Weeks? Months? A year, maybe? My dick had forgotten what it was like to be touched for Christ’s sake. And now I was getting hard from a customer’s voice? Just great.

When I looked up to see what heavenly being could possibly be attached to that sexy baritone, sparkling green eyes met mine. And winked.

I held onto the cash register for support as I input his order, my cheeks on fire. “Any…anything else, sir?” I asked, adjusting my apron nervously.

The suggestive smile and gentle shrug of his shoulders – broad shoulders, might I add – told me all I needed to know. My mouth went dry.

He gave me the exact change for his coffee and my co-barista, Terry, placed his order on the counter in front of him. Before I could form words to respond he had picked up his cup and walked out the door, turning back once to catch my eye.

“What are you waiting for?! Go get the man!” Terry demanded, grabbing the money from me and shoving me hard toward the door.

I could have kissed her. But instead, I ripped off my apron and took off after him.


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