The Sunday Seven: Holiday Crush

Welcome to the Sunday Seven – where I recap the past seven days and lay out my seven writing goals for the upcoming week.

This image to the left is how my brain feels right now. My god, the holidays! At least my cards are done and the shopping is complete! Well, except for one White Elephant gift. That shouldn’t be too hard, fingers crossed. I’ll wrap everything when I get to my parent’s house on Wednesday. I’m proud of myself, but I still feel like I could have done more. That always seems to be the case despite the quickly diminishing bank account. Now, to make it through the next two days without too much strife.

My counselor/therapist told me to work on being in the moment. To let go of expectations and worries of what could have been or will be. Easier said than done, right? I mean, as noted above, I’m concerned about gifts. Still, I’ll try. Being overwhelmed is never fun.

I forced myself to read a book today after not having time all week. I’m glad I did, since I’m stressing over cleaning for the new pet sitter we meet tomorrow. Funny how it makes me feel more productive immersing myself in a story than vacuuming the carpet or scrubbing the vanity. 1) I decided to set my newsletter for once every three months and additionally if I have any special news about releases or appearances. That will begin January 2016.  2) Ezra hasn’t been speaking to me lately. Probably because Tim Cratchett (my main Bah Humbug WIP character) has overtaken my thoughts. 3) I got a little work done on the Starstruck WIP 4) The second Dreamspun Desires idea didn’t get revisited, but like I said before, characters are bombarding me from the Bah Humbug WIP.  5) I’m working on the voice of Tim Cratchett and the opening scenes. Also, his love interest, Chris, is taking shape. Here’s a visual for Tim. But imagine him crankier! 😉
6) Victorian research has been relegated to visual inspiration on some Pinterest boards for now. 7) I read Magic & Mistletoe by Joanna Chambers. It was sweet and well-written.

And now for…

The Sunday Seven

1) I’m not sure this week will see much of anything but Christmas prep and then holiday relaxation. Still, I’ll get ready for the following week with thinking about what my first newsletter will include for January.

2) I’ll bring a notebook with me to California and see what strikes, whether it be Tim, Ezra, my Dreamspun Desires WIPs or something from the Starstruck WIP.

3) I need to begin planning my writing workload for next year. Hopefully, I’ll get a daily planner or Amazon gift cards to buy one 😉

4) I’ll be joining Clare London’s Birthday Blog during the month of January. My slot is January 18th. I’ll have to figure out something fun to do for that post.

5) Research – I’ll probably watch a Victorian movie or two.

6) Read – I’ll definitely have the Kindle with me for the holiday. I can’t wait to dive into something.

7) Enjoy the time with my family and friends. I know this is not a writing goal, but following my therapist’s advice, I’m going to stay present in the holiday festivities. I want to remind myself how much wonder, love. and light is in my life.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Feel free to leave me a suggestion, motivational comment, or inspirational image 😀

The Sunday Seven: Holiday Rush

Welcome to the Sunday Seven – where I recap the past seven days and lay out my seven writing goals for the upcoming week.

The holidays are upon us and I’ve done nothing about it so far. Oh wait, I did buy Holiday cards. My goal is to get them out before the New Year. 😛 Wish me luck!

This last week has been a strange one. I’m in some sort of funk, or maybe it’s something else. Enough to worry me, I even made an appointment with a counselor and my doctor to make sure all is well. I don’t like how I’m feeling, but I’m not to proud to ask for help. Hopefully, the professionals can assist or guide me to a better place. I’ll keep you updated on that front.

My writing hasn’t suffered too much despite my mood. I seem to have bursts of energy and creativity that prevent my productivity from dropping off completely.  1) I updated my website with the basics. It still needs help, design-wise, but that may have to wait until next year. 2) I finished up NaNo with about 19K on my Dreamspun Desires WIP. I’m pleased for now. 3) I didn’t get to work on Ezra, but I’ll carry him over to this week. 4) I gathered ideas for my Starstruck WIP, yet nothing has stuck. 5) I am excited to say I have a nearly complete outline for my Bah Humbug WIP. That one came to me in a rush and I scrambled to lay it out. Maybe one more chapter and it’s ready to write! 6) I didn’t do any Victorian research, however, I did research for the Bah Humbug WIP, since my main character is a paraplegic. 7) I read three novellas! All holiday related – Humbug by Joanna Chambers, Cabin Nights by Ashley John, and The Winter Spirit by Indra Vaughn. Each of them were delightful.

And now…

The Sunday Seven

1) Work on a newsletter plan. I think I’ve sent out one newsletter. And I have subscribers!! I’m pathetic and need to show my readers some love.

2) More words on my Dreamspun Desires submission. I won’t make it to 50k by the end of this year, but I can make a dent in it and get a more solid ending.

3) Character work on Ezra from my first novel in the Victorian Gothic Paranormal series. I’ll concentrate on goal, motivation, and conflict.

4) Get an idea to stick for the Starstruck WIP (12k) due May 1, 2016.

5) Solidify outline for Bah Humbug WIP (18k) due July 1, 2016. Reading all these holiday stories has jumpstarted the idea mill and got me moving in the right direction. Woohoo!

6) Research – crack open the Victorian books or watch something from the period. Still open to suggestions…

7) Read – I have three more holiday reads ready to go!

Have a wonderful week!

Feel free to eave me a suggestion, motivational comment, or inspirational image 😀