Fabulous Five Blog Hop


I’ve been invited to answer these five fabulous questions from the lovely Emma Jane over at Em’s Blog.

Emma is the author of M/M romance novels Otherworld (due for release from Torquere Press November 5th) and Shuttered (due for release from Dreamspinner in December). Also, her short story, The Queen’s Guard, is featured in the Men In Uniform anthology in which I made my publishing debut!  Stop by her page to say hello and see what she has is store.

And on to the questions:

What am I working on?

What am I NOT working on is a better question. But I’ll keep this simple. I’m in edits for a short M/M romance starring a pessimistic Army vet with PTSD and a physical therapist set on helping him heal more than his wounded leg. I’m also working on my first M/M novel of a three book series set in Charleston, SC. I’m loving the research for it!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Details. I’m obsessed with little details that add to the complexity and richness of writing. For me it’s the details that make you feel like you’re part of the story – whether it be bits of dialogue, humor, descriptions of setting, or a character quirk. I strive to add those layers of detail in everything I write.

Why do I write what I do?

I love love. I love men. Why not write about how they come together? It’s a beautiful, complicated dance. Yet, always worth it in the end!

How does my writing process work?

Characters usually come to me first. I want my characters down pat. I need to KNOW them like a good friend before I begin writing. Then I make them jump through hoops for a while before I allow them their happy endings.

And I’m definitely a plotter. I can plot for days, weeks…though I have no problem changing it up once I begin writing if something better pops up.

Who’s next on the blog hop?

Next up we have~

Kasey Lane,author of contemporary erotic and new adult romance. Look for her in an up coming anthology with Hot Ink Press.

V.S. Morgan, author of interracial/multicultural M/M romance. Her debut story, The Gift, was published by Decadent Publishing, and she recently contracted with Decadent for a paranormal IR romance, Hunter’s Mark, to be released later this year.

C.M. Walker, author of M/M romance. Her first novella, Pledge Number Seven, as well as, (just out today!) Gravitational Force, for Goodreads Love’s Landscapes event, are both available for FREE. Check them out!

Louisa Bacio, author of erotic romance. Her newest releases include The Big One and A Date with Death, both from Decadent Publishing. Check her out!

All of these ladies are amazing writers! TAG!




“Know what I mean?” Flash Fiction for Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads

ThursThreads HM

My entry for the week won me an honorable mention!

Here it is:

I slammed back my third shot of Jack, relishing the white-hot burn that traveled down my throat. I welcomed the pain that made me forget…if only for a moment. I held my hand up for another.

“You should probably slow down, buddy,” the bartender said, filling a new glass.

I glared at him as he placed the drink before me.

He glared right back. “Don’t make me regret this.”

After he walked away, I slammed the forth back as quickly as the rest.

“Bad day?” A male voice asked on my right.

I turned to see a pair of broad shoulders and kind blue eyes. “You could say that.”

“Will you tell me about it?” He turned his broad shoulders toward me and leaned an elbow casually on the bar.

I wasn’t sure if it was the whiskey or his smile that made my stomach flip. “Thanks, but I’m really not in the mood for this.”


“No, the whole I have no idea if you’re looking for a hookup, something more, or just being nice thing. I’m sick of getting my chain yanked. No more game playing, know what I mean?”

“I do,” he said, and offered his hand. “I’m Jeff and I think you have sexy eyes. You seem upset and I thought you could use a friend. I don’t do hookups and I’d rather get to know you over a drink or a meal. What do you say?”

I shook his hand. “Bartender, a coffee please.”


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“I need some space.” Flash Fiction for Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads

I’ll be posting flash fiction from my participation the past few months in Siobhan Muir’s weekly #ThursThreads challenge. You really should check out the contest, whether you are a reader or writer. It’s a fun exercise that attracts some great talent and great stories.


Here is my entry:

Jared inched his way alongside the wall of the house, guiding himself in the dark with his palms over the rough brick. He cursed as a section of jagged mortar sliced his finger.

“You okay?” Pete whispered.

“Yeah,” he replied, then sucked on his finger quickly. His eyes strayed to the window a few feet from them.

He turned to give instructions to Pete, but instead collided with the man’s hard forehead.

“Fuck, Pete! I need some space!” Jared hissed and rubbed his head.

Pete moved back a breath. “Sorry, I’m…I’m just nervous.”

“I know. That’s why I shouldn’t have brought you along.”

“But Jay,” Pete put a hand on Jared’s arm. “I want to learn.”

Jared sighed and shook his head. He knew Pete wasn’t made for this business, but he took him along anyway. Because, dammit, the guy was hot. And he didn’t think the man could possibly screw up a simple robbery. “Why don’t you pry open that window and I’ll keep watch?”

Pete swallowed and did as he was told, sliding his crowbar under the sill.

Jared turned and looked out into the darkness of the night.

A loud pop sounded and Jared turned back to see glass falling towards them in large, menacing shards. It crashed down around them as lights turned on from inside the home.


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Free Read! “A Thoreau Affair” Now Available!

My Goodreads Love’s Landscapes story, A Thoreau Affair, is now available as an ebook!

Former English professor, Dr. Lane Stevens, retired to the quiet seclusion of Tahoe to write his books. He never expected the one student he can’t seem to forget to seek him out and make a startling confession.

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Release of “A Thoreau Affair” – Goodreads Love’s Landscapes Event!

Today marks the release of my Love’s Landscapes story over on Goodreads through the M/M Romance Group.

Former English professor, Dr. Lane Stevens, retired to the quiet seclusion of Tahoe to write his books. He never expected the one student he can’t seem to forget to seek him out and make a startling confession.

Check out my story here.

The ebook will be available in a few days.