Flash Fiction Thursday – Sci Fi Theme

He shoved me hard toward the wall of his bedroom, face-first into the middle of his projected seawater aquarium. I blinked rapidly as a digital shark darted through my head and over my splayed hand.

eye001-bluetskinkWhen you come from a planet made entirely of desert, the ocean is a constant source of fascination. I could say the same regarding his attraction to humans. We’re foreign and exotic…and forbidden by law. It’s the same on all planets. You always want what you can’t have.

He trapped me against the wall with his heaving body. His incredibly big, sexy, reptilian body.

Now, before you get all squirmy and disgusted, he’s not a reptile. Mostly. At least in the class Reptilia. We call his kind Amnimorphs because most of them came from the planet Amnio before it was destroyed. Gem is one of the last Amnimorphs alive born on his home planet. He’s a wonderful combination of humanoid and reptile, and I’ve spent my life studying his people.

He bit down on the patch of exposed skin on the back of my neck and I moaned.

“Submit, Professor,” he hissed, his forked tongue flicking at my hairline.

I felt his stiff arousal against the cleft of my ass and I shuddered.

“Why should I?”

He ran his rough, near-scaled fingers over my arms and chuckled. “Because you want me as badly as I want you.”


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Honorable Mention in Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads

I received Honorable Mention for my flash fiction entry in Siobhan Muir’s weekly contest.

Here is my entry:

“No,” I said, dragging my hands through my hair. “You know I hate to fly. Why would you choose a vacation that required airplane travel?”

“Trust me.” Devin pressed in close and wrapped a lean arm around my shoulders. He whispered near my ear, “Just think of it. You. Me. Sun. Sand. Sex on the beach…and I don’t mean the cocktail.” He chuckled, the sound seductively wicked. “I take that back. There most definitely will be cock and tail involved.”

My laugh turned into a groan as he traced the shell of my ear with his talented tongue. We had only been dating for a few months, but he knew exactly how to undo me.

I vowed to stay strong despite my growing arousal. “I won’t get on a plane.”

“You won’t have to, Jake. I booked a cruise to the Bahamas.” He brushed the hair from my eyes as I turned to face him.

“A cruise?”

“A gay one. All inclusive, with multiple stops to island beaches waiting for us to go wild.” He waggled his honey blonde eyebrows. “The ship leaves from Miami – only a few hour drive for us.”

“You’re amazing,” I took his face in my hands and sighed. Why hadn’t I trusted him? He had never let me down yet.

“I would never make you do anything you didn’t want to, Jake.” He smiled, his blue eyes sparkling.

“I love you,” I said, before the moment passed, watching him blink back tears.


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