“Take it back.” Flash Fiction for Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads

I walked in from the garage, smiling at Jim as he came down the stairs. His green eyes hadn’t lit up like they used to since he’d moved in with me last week. So I thought I’d try and lift his spirits with a present.

“What is that?” He asked, furrowing his dark brow at the tissue-wrapped object in my hands.

“It’s a housewarming gift.” I removed the tissue to reveal an antique lamp. “For us.”

I put the lamp on the end table near our leather sofa. It was hand-painted and in excellent condition. It looked divine.

Jim walked over to stand near me as he studied the lamp. “Take it back,” he said finally, covering his mouth as he broke into tears.

“Hey…” I gathered him in my arms, rubbing his shoulders. “If it’s not something you like….”

He mumbled something unintelligible through his sobs and I held him tighter, attempting to calm him down before having a conversation. “Talk to me,” I said after wiping away his tears with my thumb.

“I’m having a much harder time than I thought I would with….this,” he gestured about the room.

“My house?” I swallowed. “Or me?”

“No, lover. No.” He held both of my hands. “It’s what moving in together means…for me. I’m going to need some time to adjust before you start buying US such lovely things.”

I relaxed a bit . “You like the lamp?”

“You know you have exquisite taste.”

I smiled. “No rush then.”


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