“What do you mean?” Flash Fiction for Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads

ThursThreads Winner

“If we’re going to work together you can’t keep looking at me like that.” Jax wiped his brow, his tanned chest glistening in the sun as he stopped shoveling.

“What—“ Mike’s voice cracked. Smooth, Mike. Real smooth. He cleared his throat. “Um…what do you mean?” He didn’t think Jax noticed.

Jax smiled and leaned toward him. He smelled like earth and sweat and…“Your eyes say you want to bend me over that tree trunk over there and have your way with me.”

God! How the heck did he–? “Don’t be ridiculous. My eyes aren’t saying anything,“ Mike replied, but the tremble in his voice dashed any semblance of conviction he might have had.

“No?” Jax tossed the shovel aside and came at him, making Mike backpedal until he hit the solid barrier of the retaining wall. Jax flattened his palms on either side of Mike’s head and pressed in close. So close Mike could feel Jax’s sweat through his clothes. Shit, that’s nice.

“I’m sorry! I’ll try to keep my eyes from saying such vulgar things.” Mike squeezed his eyes shut.

Small puffs of hot air caressed Mike’s cheek as Jax chuckled. “I should have said, if we’re going to work together you can’t keep looking at me like that and not do anything about it.”

Mike’s eyes flew open to see Jax smiling slyly. “Fuck…” Mike whispered before covering Jax’s mouth with his.


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