“What’s that smell?” Honorable Mention in Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads Flash Fiction Contest

ThursThreads HM I received Honorable Mention for my entry in Siobhan Muir’s weekly flash fiction contest #ThursThreads. The prompt required the story to include “what’s that smell?”

And voila!

“What’s that smell?” Jason said, wrinkling up his nose as he walked into the kitchen. He threw his briefcase on the table and pulled at the knot of his tie.

Karl pursed his lips as he stirred the contents of the steaming pot. He should have known Jason wouldn’t take to his experimenting. “It’s cabbage stew. And it’s your dinner.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Jason smirked and removed his suit jacket, tossing it over his briefcase.

“Don’t start with me, mister.” It had been a long day. Karl quickly realized he was not cut out for this stay-at-home husband thing. It had only been three days since his layoff and he was already going insane.

Jason came up behind him and grabbed his hips. “Baby, you know how much it turns me on when you go all angry parent on me.”

Karl shook his head. “You’re sick.”

Jason chuckled against Karl’s hair, wrapping his arms around him tightly. “Love-sick,” he whispered.

Karl sighed. “How the hell do you do that?”

“What?” he replied, swaying back and forth, moving Karl with him.

“Go from being a jerk to a sweetheart in less than sixty seconds.”

Jason turned Karl around to face him and grinned. “I’ll tell you how over pizza at Gino’s.”

Karl laughed. Getting out of the house sounded wonderful. “Fine.”

Jason gave him a quick kiss. “Let’s find you a job. You must be miserable if you’re making cabbage stew.”

Karl smiled. “Thank you.”


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