Winner of Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads

ThursThreads WinnerI’ve been chosen as the winner of Siobhan Muir’s Flash Fiction Contest!! The judge for this week, Katalina Leon, had such lovely things to say about my story and the entire group of entries. I’m so pleased to be a part of #ThursThreads!

Here is my entry:

“Your lips are incredible,” I murmured, Mick’s mouth traveling down my chest and over my stomach, his kisses searing my skin.

My breath hitched as he brushed his rough cheek against my hip bone. He slid a finger slowly down the crease of my groin and my cock pulsed, waiting anxiously for his touch.

“You sure this is the one?” He asked, tracing lazy circles on the inside of my thigh with his callused thumb, making it difficult to think. I raised my head to find him staring at my hip.

I should have known he would see it, even in the dim light of the bedroom.

When we had met, Mick had told me he didn’t like tattoos. And though all of mine are hidden from public view (and he was so hot), I didn’t lie. Apparently, he had found that refreshing and asked me out anyway. We’ve been on nearly five dates now and I’m falling for him.

He didn’t seem to mind the other tattoos, but I worried about the design on my hip. It’s a pink lotus flower and I got it to represent the joy of expressing myself as a gay man. I told Mick as much, but he’s so big and burly and hard that I figured he’d hate it.

I finally nodded, resigning myself to his forth-coming disapproval.

“You made it sound like I would burst into pink flames if I saw it.” He snorted. “This is…sweet, sexy, and beautiful. Just like you.”


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