The Sunday Seven: New Beginnings…

Welcome to the Sunday Seven – where I recap the past seven days and lay out my seven writing goals for the upcoming week.

This is a strange week, since today is a holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day to be exact). I decided to post today considering this is a Sunday in every way except in name for me. Lots of things happened this week as well. Good things! We bought our airline tickets to Scotland for the wedding. Yay! The fiancé called the restaurant in Laguna and we’re about to reserve a date. And I finally put the guest list into a spreadsheet. 120 people are on that list on invites. We can only fit 85, but I’m confidant once I talk to my mother, that some of them can be left off and that many of them won’t be making the trip to CA due to being across the country. Also, I’m penning an email to the photographer we’d like to follow us around for the day in Scotland. Things are moving ahead!

Other than that, on a whim for a call, I submitted a proposal and secured a state in Dreamspinner’s States of Love series. You’re looking at the proud author for a story set in Louisiana! I’m a New Orleans junkie, so I can’t wait to show them what I can do with a place steeped in such history and culture! To further whet your appetite, I’ll mention that it will be my first work with strong elements of mystery and suspense. Sound interesting? Also, I made it through my clean eating challenge. I ended up getting a cold toward the end and it threw me off. Still, I did it and now I can eat cheese again. Oh how I missed cheese. Now just to watch calories and carbs, and get some exercise in.

My Passion Planner has proved to be pretty darn great already. It has so many great features besides getting you to focus on your passions and setting goals to reach them. It also asks you to write a focus for the days, weeks, and months, and note the GOOD things that happened each week. Which – I find I often forget. Seeing those positive things written down reminds me that there is meaning in the little things.

Here is a photo of the mind map you complete at the beginning and a week I completed so far:








1) I finished the post for Clare London’s Birthday blog celebration. Check it out here. 2) I wrote up that story summary for Dreamspinner and got Louisiana, as I mentioned above. 3) My newsletter is coming along. 4) I did not get to the Starstruck WIP this week. 5) I did work on the first draft of Taking Care of Business, but that will get pushed down the line to make way for the Louisiana story. 6) I honestly didn’t even look at the Bah Humbug WIP this week. 7) I’m in the middle of reading Writing Your First Mystery and Plotting Your First Mystery by Mar Preston. I’ll need to brush up on how it’s done. Oh and I saw the movie Daddy’s Home today. I know it seems like a silly, slapstick movie, but it had some of the best storytelling I’ve seen. Seriously, it was a class in plotting, pacing, and character development. Strange to say that about a Will Ferrell / Mark Wahlberg movie, but yeah. Really spot on.

Thus, moving on…

The Sunday Seven

1) F**king Newsletter!

2) Outline Louisiana story – due April 30, 2016

3) Outline Starstruck WIP – due May 1, 2016

4) Move forward on Bah Humbug WIP – due May 30, 2016

5) Free time??? Ha! Watch some NCIS: New Orleans!

6) Research New Orleans, haunted folklore, tours, and cemeteries.

7) Finish the mystery writing books, maybe read some new Josh Lanyon. 🙂

Feel free to leave me a suggestion, motivational comment, or inspirational image 😀

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