“Perhaps we should start again?” Flash Fiction for Siobhan Muir’s #ThursThreads


“Just walk over and say hello. How hard is that?” Kelsey rolled her eyes, buffing the bar with a rag.

Jace swallowed, his gaze locked on the sexiest, most elegantly dressed man he’d ever seen sitting at a table nearby, nose in a book. “But he’s so…”

“Classy? Suave? Sophisticated?” Kelsey offered, putting a hand on her hip.

“Yes…and out of my league.” He sighed, looking down at his rumpled jeans and scuffed up sneakers.

Kelsey groaned. “Oh stop. Who cares if you’re not all dressed up. This IS a coffee bar! Maybe he came straight from work or maybe he’s waiting for—.“

“Someone? Like a date? Perfect.”

“Not necessarily,” she backpedaled. “He could be meeting his boss? Sister? Or mother!?”

“Right.” This time Jace rolled his eyes.

“Okay, that’s enough.” Kelsey came around and pulled him off the stool with an amazing amount of strength. “Now go.” On “go” she gave him a hefty shove.

And suddenly he was careening haphazardly toward Elegant Man’s table.

Elegant Man had only a moment to look up and jump back before Jace landed belly first on the table, sending the man’s coffee cascading across the floor.

Jace’s face went hot as he got up, tripping over apologies. Kelsey ran over to make sure he was okay before cleaning up the mess.

A hand covered his and he realized it was Elegant Man’s. “Perhaps, we should start again?”

Jace smiled at the concern in the man’s eyes. “Yes please.”


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