The Sunday Seven: Outlines Galore

Welcome to the Sunday Seven – where I recap the past seven days and lay out my seven writing goals for the upcoming week.

I made it through another crazy week at work. It’s been crazier than usual since the semester started on Tuesday. Our department hosted a big event on Friday that I had to plan, running around like a chicken with its head cut off to get things done on time. But it happened and it went smoothly with a great turnout. So yay. In wedding news, I sent the master guest list to my mother to review. She’s in the process of making notes and axing family that I’m not obligated to invite. Someone’s gotta do it 😉 The restaurant is going to cost us less than we originally thought do to some misunderstanding over outside space that we don’t need. Total bonus.

1) I actually got a lot done on the newsletter, but I’m angry at mailchimp. I’m using a template that was made for me, however, for some reason it’s not allowing me to make small changes to font, size, and the space between white areas and borders. It’s driving me batty and I’m on the verge of starting completely over though that would depress me to no end. There are more elements that work than don’t work, but it looks wonky with mismatched fonts, etc. Unprofessional in my opinion. 2) I’m in the middle of outlining the Louisiana story. I’m putting together a beat sheet outline from Jami Gold, suggested by my BB (best buddy) Caraway Carter. The story is still new, but my characters are really coming together, which is critical for me to finding a groove. 3) I haven’t done much outlining on Starstruck. Maybe I’ll try to get the beat sheet started for that one, too. 4) I did not get to the Bah Humbug WIP this week. 5) I watched two episodes of NCIS: New Orleans to get back in the New Orleans mindset. 6) I’ve been collecting maps and articles about New Orleans, the French Quarter, and gay culture in the Big Easy. Also, I watched a couple videos from the Haunted History tours and caught up on a couple of the popular stories that continue to be told on the tours. 7) I bought three different mystery reference books – Writing Your First Mystery & Plotting Your First Mystery by Mar Preston and How to Write Killer Fiction by Carolyn Wheat. Mar Preston’s books were informative, but extremely basic. I picked up a few things, but they both lacked some depth. I’m still going with Killer Fiction, but she’s pretty focused on the differences between suspense and mystery. I get that, but I do think there are more crossovers than she lists that do it well. Heck, most romantic suspense is basically mystery or suspense with a romance at the forefront. It’s all relative if you ask me. Still, I’m learning a lot from her and various sources.

And so…

The Sunday Seven

1) Keep tweaking the newsletter! I’ll beat you mailchimp!

2) Finish outlining the Louisiana story by the end of January – due April 30, 2016

3) Get the beat sheet complete for the Starstruck WIP by the end of January – due May 1, 2016

4) Move forward on Bah Humbug WIP – due May 30, 2016

5) More NCIS: New Orleans!

6) Take a virtual walk around the French Quarter and decide where my MCs will live, where the supporting characters live, the tour route, and where the murders will take place. Get a physical map and mark it up. Also read up on cemetery stuff.

7) Finish Killer Fiction and see if there is anything else that might work for research.

Feel free to leave me a suggestion, motivational comment, or inspirational image 😀